Corporate Yoga and Breath Classes: Enhancing Workplace Wellness in Melbourne's S/E Suburbs


In today's fast-paced corporate world, the importance of employee well-being cannot be overstated. I specialize in providing bespoke yoga and breathwork classes directly to your workplace, helping to foster a healthier, more productive, and harmonious work environment. My classes are specifically tailored to the unique demographics of your team, ensuring that every session is both impactful and inclusive, and a nurturing coaching  relationship is built between myself and your employees to foster growth and holistic wellbeing.


The Benefits of Corporate Yoga and Breath Classes

Implementing yoga and breathwork into the workplace offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond physical health, positively influencing mental and emotional well-being. Here are some key advantages:

1. Stress Reduction: Yoga and breathwork are powerful tools for managing stress. By promoting relaxation and mindfulness, my classes help employees to alleviate the daily pressures of work, leading to a calmer, more focused mind.

2. Increased Productivity: A relaxed mind is a productive mind. Regular practice can improve concentration, memory, and decision-making abilities, directly enhancing workplace efficiency.

3. Enhanced Physical Health: Sedentary office work can lead to various physical ailments, such as back pain, neck stiffness, and repetitive strain injuries. My yoga classes focus on posture correction, flexibility, and strength, mitigating these common issues and promoting overall physical wellness. I tailor the classes to the physical stress areas, of your unique work environmental stressors.

4. Improved Team Dynamics: Group yoga sessions can strengthen team bonds. By practicing together, employees build a sense of community and support, which translates to better teamwork and communication in the office/salon/workplace.

5. Mental Clarity and Creativity: Yoga and breathwork stimulate mental clarity and creativity, enabling employees to think outside the box and contribute innovative ideas to their projects.


Tailored to Your Workplace Demographic

I understand that every workplace is unique. My approach is to customize each class to meet the specific needs and preferences of your team. Here's how i do it:

- Initial Consultation: i begin with a thorough consultation to understand your workplace culture, employee demographics, and any specific health concerns or goals.

  - Personalized Programs: Based on the consultation, I design a yoga and breathwork program that suits your team. Whether your employees are seasoned yoga practitioners or complete beginners, my classes are adaptable and inclusive and adjusted to the groups need as our relationship grows.

- Onsite Convenience: I bring the classes to you! offering the convenience of onsite sessions in your work space. This eliminates the need for travel and maximizes participation.

- Flexible Scheduling: I offer flexible scheduling options to fit into your workday, whether it's a morning session to energize the team, a lunchtime break, or a post-work wind-down.

- Ongoing Support: My commitment to your workplace wellness doesn't end with the class. I provide ongoing support and resources, including follow-up sessions, wellness tips, and access to my online content.


Why Choose Me, Thelma from mindful skin collective ?

Choosing Me, for your corporate yoga and breath classes means more than just hiring an instructor; it means partnering with a dedicated yogini who has spent years immersed in the world of wellness and complementary medicine. Based in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs, I bring a profound understanding of the local corporate landscape and a deeply personal commitment to improving the well-being of your team.

My journey into yoga and breathwork has been one of transformation and passion. With extensive experience in the wellness industry, I have seen firsthand the profound impact that these practices can have on individuals and communities. My classes are not just about physical exercise; they are about fostering a deeper connection between body, mind, and spirit, creating a sanctuary of peace and rejuvenation in the midst of your busy workday.

I believe that investing in the well-being of your employees is not just a moral imperative but a strategic advantage. Healthier, happier employees lead to a more vibrant, dynamic, and successful business. My approach is holistic and heartfelt, tailored to meet the unique needs of your workplace, ensuring that every session is both meaningful and transformative.


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Let’s transform your workplace together with the power of yoga and breathwork. Contact me today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step towards a healthier, more productive work environment. 



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